Research Reveals E-Cigs Have 10 times More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Cigarettes

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Published: 21st April 2017 in Health Spirit Body New research has found electronic cigarettes to contain even 10 times more cancer causing ingredients than the tobacco products they are supposed to save us from. Quite an astonishing revelation given E-cigarettes are meant to replace a dangerous and life destroying habit. E-cigarettes are used by millions of people worldwide, all with the belief that they are a safer alternative to tobacco products. However, according to research conducted by Japanese scientists, e-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing carcinogens than...

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How a Napping Subway Commuter’s Brain Knows When It’s Their Stop

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Author: Stephanie Bucklin – Science of Us, 29th June 2017 Perhaps you’ve seen them, those mysterious people who can fall asleep on the bus or the train and then, somehow, rouse themselves exactly at their stop. Perhaps you’re one of them. It’s as if the subway napper’s brain can sense exactly where and when it is in time and space, rousing the sleeper so she can exit at the right time. How is this possible? While there’s little research about this apparent superpower, a few doctors were game to offer their insights about it. Science of Us spoke to Dr. Marc I. Leavey, a...

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Brain Areas Altered During Hypnotic Trances Identified

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Stanford University Medical Center – July 28, 2016 By scanning the brains of subjects while they were hypnotized, researchers were able to see the neural changes associated with hypnosis. Your eyelids are getting heavy, your arms are going limp and you feel like you’re floating through space. The power of hypnosis to alter your mind and body like this is all thanks to changes in a few specific areas of the brain, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered. The scientists scanned the brains of 57 people during guided hypnosis sessions similar to those that...

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Hypnosis, Memory and the Brain

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A new study points to specific areas of the brain affected by hypnosis. The technique could be a tool for exploring what happens in the brain when we suddenly forget. October 7th, 2008 — Amanda J. Barnier, Rochelle E. Cox and Greg Savage Hypnosis has long been considered a valuable technique for recreating and then studying puzzling psychological phenomena. A classic example of this approach uses a technique known as posthypnotic amnesia (PHA) to model memory disorders such as functional amnesia, which involves a sudden memory loss typically due to some sort of psychological trauma (rather...

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Rules of memory ‘beautifully’ rewritten

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What really happens when we make and store memories has been unravelled in a discovery that surprised even the scientists who made it. By James Gallagher – 7th April 2017 Health and science reporter, BBC News website The US and Japanese team found that the brain “doubles up” by simultaneously making two memories of events. One is for the here-and-now and the other for a lifetime, they found. It had been thought that all memories start as a short-term memory and are then slowly converted into a long-term one. Experts said the findings were surprising, but also beautiful and...

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When everything goes wrong, what do you do?

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Article published on Asperger Experts website – author and date not cited We’ve all had moments where the metaphorical rug has been pulled from beneath our feet. Moments where it seems like all hope has been lost. Most people don’t have a plan. So when everything goes wrong, they panic. And then they either do nothing, or pick some random, emotionally-driven action and hope it pays off. The problem is, those random actions rarely (if ever) pay off. Without some simple pre-planning, it is almost impossible to keep your composure and act appropriately when you need to course...

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