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Anxiety becoming a major issue in the UK

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Posted on 21st February, 2017 by NCH News At present, says the World Health Organization (WHO), around 40% of disability across the world is caused by depression and anxiety while AnxietyUK says it estimates 13% of the adult population in the UK will develop a specific form of anxiety – known as a phobia – at some point in their life while one in six have experienced some form of ‘neurotic health problem’ in the previous week. Statistics also show that levels of anxiety-related common mental health disorders have risen by 12.8% in the 14 years from 1993 to 2007 and 800,000 more UK...

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The Secret of Happiness

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Posted on 1st April, 2009 by Karen Martin – National Council for Hypnotherapy website There’s been a lot of guff written about happiness in recent times. On the one hand, you’ve got the positive thinking gurus peddling their often simplistic fast track to deep joy and on the other you’ve got the doom-mongers telling us we’re richer, healthier and unhappier than we’ve ever been. Despite being somewhat cynical about the way happiness is regarded as the panacea for all ills, I confess to being part of the industry which promotes it as a life-affirming goal. Some see happiness as...

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How Can I Be More Confident?

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Posted in Psychology Today. Author: Elizabeth Lombardo Ph.D. – Posted Jan 18, 2017 There is a sense for many that confidence is like a magic pill. When you take that prescription, you will feel better—about yourself, your abilities, your life. Here’s the deal: The way you view yourself is central to every interaction you have—with other people, with every experience, even within your own head. And yet, it is not so much about quantity—having more confidence—as it is about quality. What do I mean by that? When you look at how you view yourself—your self-worth—there are really...

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The reasons why, once we start worrying, some of us just can’t stop

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Christian Jarrett: Editor BPS Research Digest – February 6th 2017 A certain amount of worrying is a normal part of life, especially these days with barely a moment passing without some disconcerting headline landing in your news feed. But for some people, their worrying reaches pathological levels. They just can’t stop wondering “What if …?”. It becomes distressing and feels out of control. In the formal jargon, they would likely be diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, but excessive worrying is also a part of other conditions like panic disorder. There are many factors...

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Brain activity ‘key in stress link to heart disease’

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BBC News – Health. Posted 12th January 2017 The effect of constant stress on a deep-lying region of the brain explains the increased risk of heart attack, a study in The Lancet suggests. In a study of 300 people, those with higher activity in the amygdala were more likely to develop cardiovascular disease – and sooner than others. Stress could be as important a risk factor as smoking and high blood pressure, the US researchers said. Heart experts said at-risk patients should be helped to manage stress. Emotional stress has long been linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular...

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