Dos and Don’ts to Preserve Your Brainpower

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From changing your diet to partying like you’re 21, here are six tips for protecting your brain from the ravages of time. By David Robson, 28 August 2015 Like any good machine, the brain needs a little care and attention as it ages to ensure it continues to run in good working order. If only there were a manual to its maintenance that could tell us how to fine-tune its circuits. Unfortunately, the available advice is often contradictory and confusing, but BBC Future has sifted through the evidence. Read on to discover the six most promising ways to sharpen your wits. Don’t… lose...

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Three Tricks to Stop Anxiety Now

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By Barbara Markway Ph.D. – posted on 4th February 2013 in Psychology Today. These techniques can help you feel more confident in a stressful situation… You may have prepared for a stressful situation such as a job interview, an important meeting, or a presentation. But you’re still likely to have some anxiety while you’re in the situation. That’s normal! Here are some things you can try. Rate your anxiety and watch it ebb and flow. Anxiety is not an all–or–nothing condition; it exists on a continuum. When you’re feeling anxious, rate your anxiety on...

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Is Anxiety a Delusion?

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Is anxiety shaped by delusional beliefs? Posted in Psychology Today by Graham C.L. Davey PhD on 16th October 2015 Anxiety-based mental health problems are relatively common, and around 30-40% of individuals in Western societies will develop a problem that is anxiety related at some point in their lives. But why? Many people would argue that feeling anxious has real benefits—like making us perform effectively in challenging circumstances. Indeed, it is highly unlikely that a common emotion like anxiety would have evolved if it did not have important adaptive benefits. However, for many...

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5 Reasons We Act Impulsively

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… and how to build willpower so we don’t do it again. Post published by Shahram Heshmat Ph.D. on Jul 16, 2015 in Science of Choice. Willpower refers to effort we make to control our impulsive behavior. Willpower can be viewed as a resource, implying that there is something in the deliberative mind that is limited. That is, engaging in acts of self-control draws from a limited resource of will that becomes depleted over time, just as a muscle becomes tired after a period of exertion. When resources are depleted, people tend to act on impulse and are more likely to be swayed by...

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10 Quick Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood

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The key is understanding why you’re really down. Post published by Guy Winch Ph.D. on Sep 29, 2014 in The Squeaky Wheel We all get into bad moods—and, eventually, we snap out of them. The main reason we have trouble extracting ourselves from them more quickly is because we can’t shake a bad mood if we’re not aware of what’s causing it. The next time you get into a funk, don’t just wait for the dark cloud to lift. There are steps you can take to improve your mood, and the first is to figure out what’s causing it. Here are 10 common causes of bad...

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5 Ways to Stop Anxiety Before It Stops You

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By Melanie Greenberg PhD in The Mindful Self-Express Does anxiety lead you to hesitate and second-guess yourself? When you think of starting a new project or going into a group situation with people you don’t know, do you feel butterflies in your stomach or a sense of dread? Do you come up with lots of reasons not to do a potentially fun or profitable activity that has some degree of risk, like joining a hiking club or volunteer group, posting your dating profile online, trying to get fit, starting a blog, or turning your hobby into a small business? Do you do tons of research but then not...

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